Arizona Racquetball Players US Open Results

Tuesday, October 11, 2016, 10:19 am

Congratulations to all our Arizonans who competed in last week’s US Open. Here are the results:


David Bandolier San Tan Valley Men's Doubles - Centurion+ B - Quarters

                                                      Men's Heroes Singles (Public Service) - B / C - Gold

Jim Barrett Scottsdale Men's Age Singles - 65+ A - Quarters

Jason Bronson Glendale Men's Doubles - 35+ - Silver

Daniel De La Rosa Gilbert Men's Doubles - IRT Pro - Silver

                                            Men's Singles - IRT Pro - Semi's

Anthony Herrera Chandler Men's Singles - IRT Pro - 2d Round Qualifier

Chris Jorgensen Phoenix Men's Age Singles - 35+ A - Round of 16s

Danielle Key Gilbert Women's Doubles - LPRT Pro - Quarters

Michelle Key Gilbert Women's Doubles - LPRT Pro - Quarters

                                  Women's Singles - LPRT Pro - Round of 16s

Jane Rallos Nixon Oro Valley Women's Singles - B - Round of 16s

Rhonda Rasjich Fountain Hills Women's Doubles - LPRT Pro - Semi's

                                                    Women's Singles - LPRT Pro - Quarters

Frank Taddonio Gilbert Men's Age Singles - 65+ - Quarters

                                        Men's Doubles - 65+ - Gold

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