Racquetball Ladies Day

Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 3:59 pm

Susan Boulanger, Chairperson of Women’s’ Activities Committee of Racquetball Players Association of Arizona (RPAA) planned, coordinated and conducted a special ladies day event on July 15th at the Marana LA Fitness. The event was intended to promote racquetball in Arizona and increase the number of ladies on the courts and participating in organized events. There was no charge for the event, the courts were scheduled in advance, balls were provided by Gearbox and the format was doubles to ensure everyone was active and having fun.

Susan conducted an initial activity with a small group of ladies several months ago with some success. Therefore, she had an idea to try to increase the level of participation by announcing the event using several forms of media. She initiated the advertising with Facebook then added the support of RPAA by announcing the event on the association’s website. Finally, we received support of USAR to use RS Sports to notify RPAA ladies that they were all invited for a fun activity and to socialize with the other ladies. All this worked very effectively. The turn out was great!  Twenty-one enthusiastic and fabulous players participated in the event.  They ranged from first time players to veteran competitors.  Everyone was welcome.  

Pistol Pete Prucha, Gearbox and Michelle Couch attended the event to their support and help with the event.  Pete provided the game balls and led the cheer leading efforts. 

Once the fun doubles was finished, the group completed the day with Mexican food and margaritas!  Perfect end to a perfect day!

The activity was designed for fun and to let the women racquetball players know they are very important to our sport and much appreciated. Arizona has a great deal of racquetball talent and we hope to see more and more ladies at our upcoming events.  RPAA support and encouragement for this special day was very beneficial and greatly appreciated. 

We can't wait to see these fierce, beautiful and talented ladies at our next event!!!! Finally, special thanks to Susan for seizing the initiative and organizing such a worthwhile and fun event. 

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